Dallas Voice contributor Brent Paxton, aka B-Pax, is putting together a local reality show called The Drama of Dallas.

B-Pax, perhaps best known for his Street Talk segments filmed on the Cedar Springs strip, tells us he’s already received more than 200 applications for The Drama of Dallas, but he’s hoping to get even more by the deadline of midnight on Friday. He says only eight contestants will be selected for the show, which involves them living together at a residence in Dallas. Beyond that, he isn’t disclosing many details, but here’s what it says on his website:

BPAX.TV is VERY excited to announce a new reality TV show filming in Dallas, Texas! The show is all about people going through their life experiences together. Think MTV’s Skins and The Real World. Are you interesting and have a unique perspective on life? Do you think people would relate to you on TV? Do you have a special skill you’d like to share with the world? Please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you for an audition if we like what we see!

To apply to be a contestant, go here. Or to apply to work on the set of the show, go here.