Are you looking for a way to “keep your mindgrapes juicy”? Then we have just the thing for you.

Dr, Karen Bartlett

Dr. Karen Bartlett

It’s called Brain Tease Dallas, a program curated and hosted by Dr. Karen Bartlett on the second Saturday of each month. Each program features six people speaking for 12 minutes each to share their expertise and inspiration on a variety of topics.

Bartlett describes Brain Tease Dallas as “an engaging space for the exchange of ideas among a diverse group of people,” with a focus on social justice, communication, creativity and mental health. She opens each event by telling those attending, “Get ready to hear something brand new, something you already knew, and something you don’t agree with.”

Time is scheduled between the talks during which guests are encouraged to talk with the people around them, “with open minds and hearts.”

In other words, people are encouraged to step outside their own personal boxes and expand their view, or at least consider other perspectives.

The March Brain Tease is set for Saturday, March 12, at Viva’s Lounge, 1250 Manufacturing St., Ste. 120, in Dallas’ Design District.

The theme for March is “Centered.” Speakers and their topics are: Dr. Kyle Erwin on “The Art of Flourishing: Creating a Life You’ll Love”; Victoria Viking on “Mindful Messaging with Adult Learning Theory”; Jessica Blue Sky on “Soul Simplicity: Finding Your Natural Serendipity”; Kamyon Conner on “Self Preservation through Bold Boundary Setting”; Samantha Brewer on “Get Out of Your Own Way: Reaching, Releasing, Relaxing” and Kimberly Boyd-Bowman on “Therapy 101: Who, What, When, Where and Why.”

Tickets range from $15 for general admission to $33 for front row table seats with lots of extras. All guests have access to the complimentary pastry and fruit buffet and the $5 build-your-own Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar.

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