DA Susan Hawk

WFAA Channel 8 is reporting that Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk will resign.

By waiting until a week after the deadline in early August, Hawk ensured that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will name her replacement to finish the term, rather than allowing voters to select a new D.A. During her year-and-a-half in office, Hawk has battled depression and has taken two extended leaves of absence.

Soon after coming into office, she created quite a bit of controversy by firing a number of high-level prosecutors and staff. One, prosecutor Cindy Stormer, filed a petition to remove her from office, but a San Antonio judge dismissed the case.

Over the past year, Hawk has held two community forums for the LGBT community at Cathedral of Hope in support of the investigation into a series of attacks on gay men in Oak Lawn.

Hawk is the first Republican to win county-wide office in Dallas since 2004.

Channel 8 reports that Hawk has only worked 66 days this year. She returned to work in August after a 12-week absence.