DPD tweeted they have completed a manual search of the parking garage and nothing was found. To be safe, they’re doing a second search with the K9 unit.

Original Post:

DPD is tweeting out that headquarters is not on lockdown, although it was officers who originally told reporters it was.

Police are concentrating on the garage behind DPD HQ. A masked man was seen running through the garage. A detective tried to stop him, but the man disappeared into a stairwell and hasn’t been seen since.

Earlier, threats were called to DPD HQ that people are on their way from Houston to shoot up DPD HQ.

Earlier reports that shots were fired at DPD HQ were incorrect. Police set off a device in order to enter a locked fence, according to a DPD tweet.

TV media was told to stop showing live feed to the parking garage area for the safety of officers.