The Dallas Theater Center’s fourth season at the Wyly Theatre continues to extend performances into the Kalita Humphreys space where Uptown Players calls home, but this will officially be the last year A Christmas Carol is performed there. The upcoming season itself claims lots of new works or regional premieres in an eclectic season of comedy, professional wrestling, flying men and musicals with the word “fly” in the title.

See the schedule of shows after the jump.

The Second City Does Dallas (Aug. 29—Oct. 6). Four members of Chicago’s Second City comedy group will team with two members of DTC’s Brierley Resident Acting Company to perform this largely scripted (though as yet unwritten) comedy show that will skewer Dallas. “We intend to open the glass walls of [the Wyly], so you’re talking about Dallas while seeing it outside,” says artistic director Kevin Moriarty. At least, that’s the plan. “Maybe in previews we’ll find it doesn’t work.” The set-up will turn the theater space into a comedy club with cocktails to lubricate a bunch of Chicagoans tease us about our city. (We may have Bush here, but at least most of our former governors aren’t in prison.)

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Oct. 19–Nov. 25). A Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2010, this comedy set in the world of professional wrestling touches on issues of race and will turn the Wyly into a ring. Former Fort Worth resident Jaime Castaneda will return to North Texas to direct.

A Christmas Carol (Nov. 20 Dec. 23). Joel Ferrell returns to direct its final year in the Kalita.

King Lear (Jan. 18— Feb. 17). As I reported last week, this one we already knew. Moriarty will direct.

Red (Feb. 8—Mar. 10). Gay playwright John Logan (who also penned The Aviator and Hugo for Martin Scorsese) won the Tony Award for best play in 2010 for this drama about artist Mark Rothko and his protege.  Ferrell will again direct this show — the only truly “name” title of the recent works — at the Kalita. In a rarity, it will open before Lear closes at the Wyly.

The Dracula Cycle (Mar. 15—Apr. 18). Gay playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who scripted the new book for DTC’s It’s A Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman! two seasons back, returns with his new premier, an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. Moriarty will direct. (At the Wyly.)

Fly by Night (April 26–May 26). Kim Rosenstock, whose  underwhelming Tigers Be Still is at the Wyly right now, has conceived this comic rock musical. (At the Kalita.)

Fly (July 2–Aug. 18). The season — now officially running all 12-months — ends with this updating of the Peter Pan story, reset in the U.S. Reportedly, it will continue to Broadway after, though Moriarty refused to confirm that. “I never comment on the future of any of our shows, though of course I have aspirations for all of them,” is all Moriarty would say. And what about two back-to-back summer musicals with the word “fly” in the titles? “I know I will spend the next 18 months fielding questions like, ‘Can’t you change the names?’ But artistic directors can’t do that,” Moriarty says. (At the Wyly.)

Working with Aguirre-Sacasa and Rosenstock again will be par for the course of the future of the DTC, Moriarty says. He has already commissioned two new plays by Diety scribe Kris Diaz which will open in subsequent seasons, and plans to continue developing relationships with playwrights to do new words, as well as theater companies like Trinity Rep and Second City.