Gov. Pat McCrory

Four North Carolina state representatives have filed a bill to repeal HB2, better known as the North Carolina bathroom law. The four primary sponsors listed on the bill, all Democrats, are Susi Hamilton, Darren Jackson, Graig Meyer and Grier Martin.

In addition to completely repealing the law that requires trans women to use a men’s room and trans men to use a ladies room and blocks cities from having nondiscrimination ordinances, the new law would fund a state Human Rights Commission. The bill retroactively repeals the law. That means Charlotte’s nondiscrimination law, which had recently passed and prompted HB2, would go back into effect.

HB2 passed with little discussion in one day and Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill that evening. State Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat running against McCrory for governor, called the law unconstitutional and said he would not defend the law in court.

Since the law passed, North Carolina has lost millions of dollars in business from canceled conventions and concerts to canceled job expansions in the state.