Oak Lawn, at least the northern part of it, appears to have been one of the hardest hit areas in Tuesday night’s storms. As I mentioned earlier, many of us took cover in the basement of the Interfaith Peace Chapel at the Cathedral of Hope following a mayoral forum. This decision was made by the folks in charge at the Cathedral when sirens went off and TV reports said a tornado was moving into Dallas from Irving. When I emerged from the basement, I found my windshield shattered by a chunk of hail that was at least as large as a baseball. This morning, the Dallas Morning News reports that there was probably good reason for us to take cover. A man was found dead beside a pile of storm debris early this morning near an apartment complex in the 5000 block of Lahoma Drive, near Lemmon Avenue and the Tollway. He was found by an apartment manager assessing damage from the storms, and his cause of death hasn’t been determined. Elsewhere, part of the roof was ripped off an apartment complex on Cedar Plaza Lane, which is in the same general area. Hail damage to vehicles has also been reported at Love Field.  Stay tuned to Instant Tea for updates.