UPDATE: David Taffet reports that officials with the Dallas Hilton Hotel report that “an issue in the boiler room” set of fire alarms in the hotel, prompting the evacuation of the facility. But only briefly.

He said that fire trucks from the Cedar Springs fire station came to the hotel, but left again shortly afterward, and that the several hundred people — including many attending the Out & Equal Conference — who had been evacuated have no returned to the building.


UPDATE:David Taffet reports that fire trucks are arriving at the hotel, but people are being allowed back into the building.

Still no word on why the facility was evacuated.

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The Hilton Anataole Hotel, located on I-35E at Market Center Blvd in Dallas, is being at this moment being completely evacuated, according to Dallas Voice senior news writer David Taffet, who is on the scene.

Taffet was at the hotel to cover the 2015 Out & Equal conference, which started today. He said he doesn’t know yet why the hotel is being evacuated, but will provide updates as they happen.