Over on the main page, we’ve just posted my story about contributions from Texas to groups supporting and opposing Proposition 8 in California. As part of the story, we’ve published a complete list of donors from Texas to both sides. For the list of Prop 8 supporters, go here. For a list of opponents, go here. To read the story itself, go here.

UPDATE: I’ve posted this on the comments below, but I’ll post it here too. If you gave less than $100 to Prop 8 and you don’t see your name, don’t be surprised. Under California law, if you gave less than $100, the group you gave it to is NOT required to report your name. As a result, contributions of less than $100 are often lumped together into one transaction for reporting purposes, with no name or state listed. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the amount contributed from Texas is slightly more than what I’ve reported in this article. However, even if there were 500 contributions of less than $100 from Texas, you’re still talking about less than $50,000, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t very much.rpg mobilоптимизация сайтов киев