It’s official: Ticked Off Trannies with Knives is coming to a theater near you.

The controversial film, made by local filmmaker Israel Luna, has screened at Q Cinema locally but also the Tribeca Film Festival and just this week a horror fest in San Francisco, among other places. Luna just confirmed to me that Breaking Glass Pictures has picked up the film.

Luna met Breaking Glass’ president, Richard Wolfe, at Tribeca, and they’ve discussed a distribution deal since. Luna and his producer Toni Miller have dealt with a number of other distributors as well, including gay-specific Strand Releasing, but Luna said Breaking Glass seemed like the best fit.

“It’s a smaller company, but what sold us on it was we haven’t given up all rights,” Luna said. “[Richard] seems really excited about it and open to ideas and thinks this will be his breakout hit.”

The film will be available starting in the fall.

“We’re doing a  limited theatrical run of midnight screenings that will start in October,” he said. “I think the Inwood has already confirmed, so that’s where you can see it locally. And then the DVD will be released on Nov. 2.”

Luna also says he’s close to confirming a deal with a cable movie provider, which would offer the movie to even more audiences. He also noted that the reaction from horror film audience was tremendous.

“It shows me how uptight we are as a community,” he said. “The horror audience doesn’t care about the controversy, they were just into it. We could learn a lot from them.”