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Equality Texas is reporting that a lesbian couple has received a legal marriage license in Travis County and were married there this morning.

Todd Whitley, communications manager for Equality Texas, said that Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant filed suit this morning asking that Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir be compelled to issue them a license, based on a medical emergency situation. The court agreed, the license was issued and the two “are now legally married — in Texas!” Whitley said.

The order was issued by state Judge David Wahlberg.

“This ruling doesn’t apply to any one else, not yet at least,” Whitley said.”But perhaps others could file suit. That could be one tactic. Or perhaps [DeBeauvoir] will just decide, you know what, I am going to issue the licenses.”

Goodfriend and Bryant, who have been together more than 20 years, were able to marry immediately because they got a waiver from the court. Usually, couples receiving licenses are required to wait 72 hours before being married.”

The license came as a result of Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman’s ruling on Tuesday in state court striking down Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage.