gay_marriage_81102178_620x350Fairness Fort Worth President David Henderson reports the Tarrant County Clerk’s office will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if the 5th Circuit rules the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

“If the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals  were to  find the Texas bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional and no stay is imposed on that decision, then Tarrant County will begin issuing marriage licenses in compliance with court rulings. We may need a day, maybe two, to configure changes to our systems and forms in cooperation with our outside vendor; however, we intend to comply with rulings that may be issued,” said Tarrant County Clerk’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Nicholson to Henderson.

Garcia’s office had previously said Tarrant County would not give marriage licenses to same sex couples because the county does not fall into the federal court district in which the state’s same-sex marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional.

Henderson added that while he “is unaware of any state district judges in Tarrant County that will waive the 72-hour waiting period…getting equal access to a license is the more crucial step.”