Initial information indicating that Lupe Valdez had resigned her position as Dallas County sheriff to run for governor of Texas came from within the Dallas County Democratic Party. Dallas Voice hopes to hear soon from the DCDP’s official spokesperson with more information, and we have left messages for Sheriff Valdez seeking comment. We will continue to update this post as we learn more.


While we were reporting along with three local TV news stations and the Dallas Morning News that Sheriff Lupe Valdez was resigning to run for governor, The Texas Tribune said hold on a minute.

The Texas Tribune is reporting that Valdez is not ready to resign yet. More information as we get it.


Sheriff Lupe Valdez resigned her position, effective next week, to run for governor of Texas.

Valdez is in her fourth term and is the country’s only Hispanic lesbian sheriff. She’s one of just a few female sheriffs in Texas.

Attorney Pete Schulte said he would run for Dallas County sheriff, as have Dallas County Constable Roy Moore and Deputy Sheriff Marian Brown. Unlike the post of district attorney, where the governor appoints a replacement, Dallas County Commissioners Court will name a replacement for Valdez. The court has a 4-1 Democratic majority.

— David Taffet