dolcegabbanacampaign5Geez, what a weekend of gay drama. (Come to think of it, that’s pretty much every weekend.) TBRU concluded yesterday after causing the Growlr app to implode, but even before that, the gay world was abuzz about two big happenings.

First came word early Friday morning that Kathy Griffin was stepping away from hosting Fashion Police after barely two months on the job. This comes right on the heels of Kelly Osbourne quitting in a huff when she disagreed with a barb lobbed by Giuliana Rancic. Of course, what Giuliana said was tame compared to Joan’s one-liners. It seems like the show is imploding. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug.

Speaking of imploding fashion, gay style mavens Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana — who used to be a couple but now just run a multi-billion-dollar empire — got in hot acqua over the weekend for attacking not just same-sex marriage (they have been on record for disparaging that for years), but the rightness of gay families to raise children. “We oppose gay adoptions,” the Catholic Italians told a European news mag. “The only family is the traditional one.” (They went a lot further, attacking all forms of medically-assisted fertilization.)

Sir Elton John wasted no time shooting back, urging his followers on InstaGram to boycott D&G products — which, let’s face it, will be a challenge for a lot of label-conscious gays. But while I’m not personally a big fan of boycotts, this is one I can passively endorse: Screw these self-hating gays for going out of their way to alienate their base supporters.

Of course, D&G shot back at Sir Elton on Twitter, with Gabbana calling the singer a “fascist.” Hmmm… that’s the Italian calling the kettle Mussolini.