Tom Anable

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. LGBT advocates in Fort Worth say they’re troubled by the Police Department’s handling of an apparent anti-gay hate crime on May 23 in south Fort Worth, which we first told you about last Friday. As we reported this Monday, Fort Worth police are now investigating the attack as a hate crime, but advocates say authorities initially tried to downplay the incident, leaving anti-gay slurs out of their report and failing to classify the incident as a an aggravated assault. From today’s Star-Telegram: Tom Anable, president of Fairness Fort Worth, said Tuesday that he is troubled by the department’s handling of the case and has requested an investigation into the assault by the FBI. Among Anable’s concerns is that officers did not include the derogatory terms in their initial report and that the case was not assigned earlier for investigation as a potential hate crime. “It’s clear to me, based on what I know, the officers on the scene downplayed the report,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that after all the progress we’ve made, an incident like this has to come back to Fairness Fort Worth and we have to call the FBI,” said Anable, referring to the changes that have been made since a controversial inspection of the Rainbow Lounge, a gay bar, two years ago.

2. Gay California corrections officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to march in uniform in Sunday’s West Hollywood Pride parade, after the state corrections department reversed its initial decision denying his request. The department’s decision to allow Johnson to march in uniform comes after he filed a sexual orientation discrimination complaint through his attorney, Gloria Allred.

3. CNN’s AC360 on Tuesday night aired part one of “The Sissy Boy Experiment,” a three-part series examining the consequences of an experimental “ex-gay” therapy program led by discredited psychologist George “Rent Boy” Rekers. Kirk Murphy, who was enrolled in the program at the age of 5, later took his own life at 38. Part two of the series airs tonight. Watch part one below.