Rudolf Brazda 1913-2011

1. The Census Bureau released information on same-sex couples in Illinois. The Chicago Tribune reports that the number of gay and lesbian couples in that states jumped by 40 percent over the last decade. The 2000 figure is very unreliable, however, and the number from the 2010 count only includes couples who marked their forms in a particular way – as married, even if the marriage is not recognized in that state or if not legally married, or as domestic partners.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil, will celebrate Straight Pride. Associated Press reports the third Sunday in December will be marked as Straight Pride Day if the mayor signs a bill passed by the city council. LGBT groups said that the event will provoke violence against them. The sponsor said it was to protest all of the privileges the LGBT community has.

3. Rudolf Brazda, 98, has died. He was the last known Holocaust survivor who was arrested for homosexuality. An exhibit about the treatment of gays in the Holocaust continues at the Dallas Holocaust Museum, 211 N. Record St., continues through Sept. 5. Information on Brazda is included in the exhibit.