Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. Some unfortunate gay Pride news: Someone slashed tires on dozens of floats headed for Chicago’s parade in a possible hate crime;  organizers cancelled the Pride parade in Anchorage after a vehicle carrying the grand marshal struck and killed a marcher; and police arrested 14 activists during an unauthorized Pride demonstration in St. Petersburg, Russia. On the bright side, an estimated 2 million celebrated Friday’s same-sex marriage vote at Pride in New York City on Sunday, and the star of the show was Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Watch video below.

2. Jack’s Backyard, the predominantly lesbian Oak Cliff bar owned by Kathy Jack, closed abruptly on Sunday, according to multiple reports. Word is the landlord wanted the property back and Jack is searching for a new location. From the bar’s employees on Facebook: “Heartbreaking as it is I am confirming the rumors that Sunday is the last day Jacks will be open. But we will be back and for you loyal friends and customers thank you for your support. The odds have always been stacked against Kathy Jack ever making this place last. On behalf of the loyal employees of Jacks, rest assured that we will be there when Kathy Jack finds a new location.”

3. Don’t miss our photos and video from Saturday’s Stonewall march in Dallas. And stay tuned for reports from this weekend’s Pride celebrations in Houston and Mexico City.