Larry King

1. The Lawrence King murder trial got heated yesterday as the victim’s mother was banned from the rest of the trial, according to the LA Times. A teacher testified that she had given King a formal gown. As the King family stormed out of the courtroom, the victim’s mother whispered an expletive at the teacher, which got her banned from the courtroom.

2. Marriage equality has come to part of the Northwest. The Suquamish Tribal Council in Washington state voted this week to recognize same-sex marriage. The new law allows the tribal court to issue a marriage license to two adults. The rest of the state does not have marriage equality but recognizes marriages performed elsewhere.

3. New Jersey’s largest newspaper, the Newark Star Ledger, which has been a supporter of same-sex marriage, said that Gov. Chris Christie should do what Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York did. He should heed the polls that show that a majority of people in New Jersey support equality and should push a same-sex marriage bill through the legislature.