Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. Grindr, the popular all-male social networking dating app, launched an Android version. Already, 1.5 million guys use the app in about 180 countries.

2. In marriage news, attorneys supporting Prop 8 in  California are urging the appeals court to continue the ban on same-sex marriage while the question of standing is decided by the state supreme court. In Maryland, a marriage bill sailed through the Senate and moved to the General Assembly, which is the more liberal of the two houses. The bill narrowly made it out of committee because of some vocal opposition and goes to the floor for debate. A same-sex civil union bill moved forward yesterday in Colorado.

3. About 350 members of the LGBT community including a number of allies lobbied at the capitol in Austin on Monday. The anti-bullying bills was the top priority among most, but about a dozen bills that would benefit the community have been filed. About a dozen member of Youth First Texas were among those lobbying. They staying in Austin for a second day of contacting legislators on Tuesday.