Mitt Romney

1. Mitt Romney signed an anti-equality pledge from the hate group National Organization for Marriage. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum signed an earlier version written by another hate group that included a statement that black children were better off during slavery than they are today. Romney was governor of Massachusetts when the state legalized same-sex marriage in 2004.

2. CNN reports that the American Psychological Association has called on states to legalize marriage equality. The organization voted unanimously to support the legalization of same-sex marriage. In their statement, they said that it’s common knowledge that marriage benefits straight people so it makes sense that it would benefit same-sex couples.

3. In the Lawrence King murder trial, the half-brother of defendant Brandon McInerny testified that they were beaten and abused by their father. An aunt agreed and said that there were drugs and alcohol in the house. McInerny’s father died soon after he was arrested. A teacher testified that she told King to stop parading around the school in make-up and that he made sexually inappropriate comments to other students.