Dallas firm honors unmentionables; local woman learns what to wear

JOCKISH: Among the winners of the Undie Awards are these bamboo mesh briefs from C-IN2.

How had we not known of this before?

If there’s anything gay men happily share their obsession about, it’s a fascination with underwear. (Perhaps it dates back to our youth, when many of us got our first flavor for homoeroticism from the International Male — or more prosaically, the JCPenney — catalogue.)

So when we heard this week about an online poll of the best in men’s and women’s (ahem) hidden fashions called The Undie Awards (the third annual, no less! And from Dallas!), we wonder how we missed it.

Voters were encouraged to apply real-world dimensions to their voting, not just what looked best on fit models. Categories for both men and women run from bras and shapewear (that would be the women) to T-shirts and briefs (the men).

The poll is sponsored by the Dallas-based online retail Web sites Hisroom.com and Herroom.com, but the winners span a gamut of designers and styles (and you even get a discount if you purchase the winning cuts at the Web site). But even if it is just a marketing ploy, we can’t deny that adolescent fascination with tighty-whities and bikini cuts and jocks and thongs, and the cheap thrill that comes with seeing good looking men model them. So sue us.

Tom Davies eyewear.

British eyewear designer Tom Davies will be at Occhiali in Preston Center on June 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. to showcase his couture line of frames, Tom Davies Tailored. His custom-made frames for the rich and famous… well, you probably couldn’t afford them. But Davies does have a ready-to-wear line and will be doing individual consultations based on the wearer’s features and face shape. It’s like being fitted for a Michael Kors shirt by Michael Kors… without all the bitchy commentary.

Jack’s Backyard is making a big fuss over this week’s very special episode of "What Not To Wear." The Oak Cliff hangout hosts a viewing party Friday along with a charity raffle and live band before the airing. Hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London will school Dallas girl and Best of Texas blogger Amanda Warr on her fashion don’ts to transform her into fashionista. The raffle benefits Attitudes and Attire with Eastwood playing prior to the show. 2303 Pittman, June 19 at 6 p.m.

— Arnold Wayne Jones and Rich Lopez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 19, 2009.
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