Britney Spears definitely added to the Pride festivities this weekend. Give her tour manager a raise for bringing The Circus tour back to the American Airlines Center this past Friday. Two of the Dallas Voice staff  made it  to the show and they gave me the deets. Chance and Ramon are decidedly Brit fans so I knew they were gonna love it. This is their recap of the night.


Hearing that Britney was rolling back through town, I was ecstatic, the way a good ‘mo should be. Winning tickets made it simply sweeter.

She opened with “Circus” and she can immediately command a stage for sure! Lynne certainly imprinted showmanship on Lil Britney Jean at an early age.”Me Against the Music” is my all-time fave and was amazing! It prompted me to grab a partner and take it down, which troubled the conservatives to my right. Covering Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” was definitely precious. I was instantly  on board. As a general rule I am up for most all things Britney: good, bad and ugly. Britney threw in a tragic ballad with “Everytime” I loved every second of it. It was definitely special. She was perched atop a grossly over sized umbrella and floated around the stage. There is a little place in my heart for her ballads, especially when performed live, because, let’s face it, she needs to throw in a slow one to catch her breath and recoup.

Her encore performance of “Womanizer” was simply the best. I mean who doesn’t love Law Enforcement Britney? She was clad in police officer gear, complete with billy stick and aviators. She looked damn good. However, I much preferred The Pussycat Dolls as the opening act the last time Britney came. Jordin Sparks – not so much. Britney brought down the house and I expected nothing else.

On a side note, we sat next to a mother/daughter duo. “This cannot end well,” we initially thought. I leaned over to ask what their favorite Britney song. “‘Boys’,” they answered. I proceeded to tell them about kissing my first boy to that song. They were not pleased and from that point on and sat the entire concert with their arms crossed. They weren’t having our dance moves or us inviting nearby hags to come dance with us. Let’s be real, we were basically goodwill ambassadors.


This is definitely the year for great concerts in Dallas! I missed Brit the first time around so when word leaked that she was coming back, I  had to go!

We got there right as Jordin Sparks was getting onstage and she looked amazing. And she sung live! After Sparks, we had 20 minutes before Brit was going on. I began chatting with some of the ushers. Next thing I know, my roommate and I are literally sprinting through AAC because one of the ushers upgraded our seats. It was like two women in heels running to what ended up being seats three rows from the floor. It was fantastic!

Britney’s show was so energetic. I can see why she doesn’t sing live, but I’m OK with that. The stage was huge with three rings (because it’s the Circus tour, you know). She spent most of her time in the center ring. My favorite was “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” although she sang a lot from her Circus and Blackout albums.

I have never yelled and screamed and danced so much at a concert. And her dancers were super hot! What a way to start of Pride weekend!

So, I guess they’re saying they liked it.

UPDATE: I completely forgot that news editor John Wright won tickets to the show as well. He shared this photo he took of the stage. This gives you an idea of just how big this concert was. Or how high his seats were.


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