By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Second place is just fine for the gay brothers from ‘Amazing Race’

A LITTLE DITTY ABOUT SAM AND DAN | The likeable (and single) gay brothers finished second in the 15th cycle of ‘The Amazing Race.’

This fall, if you weren’t getting the hot brother action on Top Chef with the Voltaggio brothers, you were probably checking it on CBS. The Amazing Race 15 featured a team of two brothers — both not only easy on the eyes, but also gay and recently out. Sam and Dan McMillen gave gays a good name this season with their venture to win the world-traveling game show. They didn’t make the top spot — they placed second to the season-long unstoppable pair of Cheyne and Megan — but the guys say being runners-up is just as much a triumph.

Of course, doesn’t every second-placer say that?

The two spoke with the Dallas Voice just after the season finale aired, offering insights into their approach to the game and even pondering doing another reality show.

Dallas Voice: Now that the season has finished for viewers, how did it feel to relive second place? Dan: In general, the race itself was great. I’ve never traveled outside the U.S., and then on someone else’s credit card. It was really cool.

Sam: I agree. The competition wasn’t the best part or the chance for a million dollars. The best part was being in different countries amid different cultures.

What were both the best and worst places you guys hit? Dan: Dubai for me [was the best]. I was sick of Asia but I really did like Dubai.

Sam: We hated Prague. Having to carry the golem statue around was hard. Vietnam sticks out the most for me and probably because we spent the most time there. I was in the hotel looking out and saw like a 100 women doing tai chi. I wanted to go down and join so bad but I couldn’t.

Why not? Sam: Well, first, there is no time to sight-see. But then, during our pit stops, we’re sequestered to our hotel rooms. It’s important for the show that teams not interact on camera. It kinda breaks your heart that you don’t get to dive in to the culture of the places.

You guys had a funny deleted scene regarding the Poker Girls, Maria and Tiffany, where they said they would make out with you. How did that all play out? Dan: We wanted to make an alliance with them for sure. We got along really well.

Sam: That was really funny because after that leg of the tour, we came out to them and the first thing they said was, "We said some stuff that is going to be so funny down the line!"

Are alliances for real or is that just a TV reality show gimmick? Sam: Alliances are crucial. Being in one with different groups always made a difference for us whether it was for something quick or throughout the game.

Now that you’re done with it, what’s next? Dan: I’m in school and graduating in May. The future is very exciting.

Sam: It’s been so difficult keeping the results a secret. I work in a restaurant, but otherwise, it’s been hectic trying to get my stuff done.

Sam, you just finished school at TCU. How did Texas treat you? Sam: I miss Texas so much. I just loved it there. I moved back home earlier this year but I really loved Fort Worth. And Dallas. We would go out often on weekends to Dallas. Texas was a really cool place to live.

Would you do any other reality shows? Dan: If we got the offer, maybe but if it’s not in the next year, then probably not. We do have our own plans.

Sam: Well, maybe if it was like the first Gay Bachelor.

Oh, so you’re both single? Sam: Yeah, we are.

Good to know.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 11, 2009.сайткак делать оптимизацию сайта