A moment from ‘Zero Hour,’ one of Bruce Wood’s classic dances which was presented at Moody Performance Hall last month. The company has now changed its name and plans to tour in the future. Photo by Sharen Bradford.

The last month has been a momentous one for the Bruce Wood Dance Project. It’s latest concert — which included a world premiere and two classics from the late founder of the company — was well-attended and really cemented the company’s viability in the wake of uncertainties since Wood’s sudden death three years ago. The company has also spent a good portion of the last year doing more than the summer and fall concerts, performing at dance events and performing for new audiences.

The success of these efforts, in fact, has led the company to announce this morning that it will be dropping the word “Project” from its name. Henceforth, it will be known simply as Bruce Wood Dance. (The website has long been simply

“The name change reflects our permanence and strength,” said Gayle Halperin, producer and board president.

In addition, Bruce Wood Dance has signed on with Austin-based KMP Artists, a management company that specializes in booking theatrical, music and dance presentations — not just within Texas, but nationally and internationally. The expectation is to expand the company’s visibility and reputation. “We’re excited to partner with KMP to share our invigorating, inspiring repertoire with new audiences,” said Kimi Nikaidoh, the company’s artistic director since Wood’s death. “We are here to produce and preserve the artistic legacy of Bruce Wood, and cultivate new works,” Halperin added.