Sacha Baron Cohen pulls his pants down in humorous attempt to seduce Texas congressman

FASHION NAZI: As opposed to the primitive Borat, Bruno, above, is a posh gay fashion reporter whose wish is to conquer Hollywood and become the most famous Austrian after Hitler.

The Lone Star State has been fertile ground for Sacha Baron Cohen. A big scene for "Borat" was filmed inside The Adolphus Hotel. And for his new movie, "Bruno," Cohen returned to North Texas to dupe a Carrollton talk-show audience where flaming Austrian journalist Bruno introduced a baby boy, who wore a T-shirt that said the toddler was gay.

Before y’all get uppity, remember — the purpose of Cohen’s sidesplitting deceit is to expose homophobia, racism and anti-Semitism.

Which brings us to Ron Paul.

Last week, the 73-year-old Texas congressman apparently suffered a mild gay-panic attack. Paul recently explained to ABC Radio how it went down.

Ron Paul

"We were in a studio situation. I wasn’t invited to a hotel room — a studio situation where they had a lot of lights burning and blazing and all kinds of commotion. They said — better get in this back room here. And all of a sudden, I was in this room, which they had it all fixed up as a bedroom. So, getting me there was sort of dishonesty, getting me into the interview. I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics. So, that didn’t turn out that way," Paul said. "But, by the time he started pulling his pants down, I … What in [inaudible] is going on here? I ran out of the room. This interview has ended. When this all gets out, I’m probably going to have to apologize to my supporters because I think most of them are going to figure out why in the world didn’t I sock this guy in the nose?"

"Bruno" hits screens on May 15.

Miley speaks up about gay rights
At the Miss USA Pageant, Miss California Carrie Prejean said she believed that marriage was between a man and a woman.

That wasn’t cool with Miley Cyrus. So Miss Hannah Montana herself posted a comment on "I’m sad that people use God and religion as an excuse 2 hate, discriminate and deny gays & lesbians full equality under the law."

Wanda Sykes is Fox’s Ms. Saturday Night
Wanda Sykes was already one of the funniest people on the planet, but when she spoke openly and proudly about her long-term lesbian relationship at a marriage rally last year, she climbed even higher in the Pantheon of Awesomeness.
So it’s very exciting to hear that the outspoken Sykes will host a topical talk-show on Saturday nights on the Fox network starting this fall.

She’ll be getting the "Mad TV" time slot for a show that will see Sykes getting into it with a recurring cast of panelists discussing politics and pop culture. Sykes will also pop up in field segments.

Her last encounter with the network was with the short-lived sitcom "Wanda at Large," but this format seems more in line with her bluntly outrageous brand of comedy. Wonder if she’ll spar with Fox fixture Bill O’ Reilly?

Fantasia gets real for VH1
If you’re a fan of Lifetime movies, you know that "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story," based on the "American Idol" champ’s memoir and starring the lady herself, made for compelling television. And her "Cribs" appearance made panther sculptures sitting on dining room tables seem like just the right design touch.

Imagine how much more exciting it will be to see Fantasia’s life on a weekly reality series.

Produced by World of Wonder, the gay-run production company that gave us the deliciousness that was "RuPaul’s Drag Race," the new show will chronicle Fantasia’s life as a single mother and as a successful recording artist. She’s also an acclaimed Broadway performer, as anyone who was lucky enough to catch her in "The Color Purple" can attest.

The show airs on VH1 in 2010, which is frankly too long to wait. In the meantime there’s always that "Lady Marmalade" performance on YouTube to watch over and over. And over.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 24, 2009.
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