An ad taken out by Hillsboro businessman Alvin Kaddatz targeting Dallas Voice after Instant Tea spoke to Hill County Sheriff Jeff Lyon about his distaste for the anti-gay ads Kaddatz has published for years.

Earlier this month we reported that Hill County Sheriff Jeff Lyon was speaking out against  anti-gay ads businessman Alvin Kaddatz had been putting in local papers for years.

In the last month Kaddatz, who owns Kaddatz Auctioneering & Farm Equipment Sales, has posted ads in the online “trading post” section of the Hillsboro Reporter condemning sodomy and abortion.

But a local reader of the Reporter brought us a hard copy of an ad that now targets us for publishing the sheriff’s comments.

The ad mentions that the sheriff has reached a “new low” by getting us to “attack him.” He refers to a “Texas Tea,” by which we think he means Instant Tea, unless a beverage is apparently writing about him too.

He also refers to “vulgar” emails he’s received before clarifying that “God said this lifestyle is wrong” and referring to us as a “lesbian, gay, bi-gender and transsexual organization.” If he means the only email Instant Tea has sent him, he must think asking for a list of companies to boycott because they are pro-gay is vulgar if a gay publication asks for the list. Our bad.

As far as I’m concerned, we simply reported the anti-gay ads when they were brought to our attention. Although I should point out Kaddatz’s wife is one of a few county employees who are accusing the sheriff of sexual harassment. But with three other Republican candidates running against Lyon in the primary, sources tell us the accusations are most likely political.