Patrick.DanIn response to the just-won’t-die bathroom bill and the Freedom to Serve Children Act that allows adoption agencies to not serve some children, California Gov. Jerry Brown banned state travel to Texas.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is wearing that as a badge of honor.

“The real story behind California’s recently announced ban on travel to Texas goes beyond the temporary prohibition of state employees being allowed to attend conferences and other events in our state. I say temporary because no one really believes that California state employees will never be allowed to travel to Texas again.” he wrote in an email sent to his supporters. Obviously, that’s why I’m on his distribution list.

“And no one believes that we in Texas are going to change our laws to suit liberal California and Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown. Instead, the travel ban is the latest chapter in a much bigger story,” he continued.

Now, Patrick is right. The story goes beyond bathrooms. California doesn’t like some of our recent corporate raids like Toyota’s current move to Plano. But the travel ban and others like it are supported by corporations that don’t discriminate and are prompted by the bathroom bill and other proposed anti-LGBT legislation.

“The same radical left that pushed the travel ban on the foster care legislation has also threatened to retaliate against Texas because of our passage of the Ban on Sanctuary Cities,” Patrick continues. “And, of course, retaliation and boycotts have been a theme of the opposition against the Texas Privacy Act — dismissively called the ‘bathroom bill’ by the left-wing media.”

Let’s be clear — once again — Texas has no sanctuary cities. Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez, a target of the sanctuary cities law, has said repeatedly, she has never refused a request by ICE. She, along with other city and county law enforcement officials across the state, have simply said they’re not going to become immigration police and do a federal job without federal or state funding for those positions that would be required to do that job.

And I don’t dismissively call it the bathroom bill. No one knows what the Texas Privacy Act is, but everyone knows what the bathroom bill is. OK, so I might be partially responsible for that because that’s what I call it in print and on the air.

Then Patrick spews some anti-left stuff about gun control and “assault on our liberty.” I’ll spare you.

But he concludes, “One last point. Despite what they say in the liberal media, the Foster Care Bill and the Texas Privacy Act do not discriminate against anyone. Every Texan is free to live their life as they choose. We are simply standing up for religious freedom and the common sense values held by the overwhelming majority of Texans. As your Lt Governor I can assure you I have no intention of kowtowing to the radical left and I will never quit fighting for our conservative values and principles.”

The Texas Privacy Act is the bathroom bill. I’m not sure how that law protects my privacy or what it has to do with religious freedom. In my synagogue (that meets in a church that shares the same values we have), we don’t care where you pee. Well, we don’t care as long as it’s in one of our bathrooms. In our religions, we all grew up in houses that have bathrooms shared by members of both sexes. And in our religions, we just go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom. I admit, I have no idea what people like Dan Patrick do in bathrooms and I’ve never had the opportunity to ask him.

The email is from Texans for Dan Patrick and is marked “pd pol ad.” One thing very odd thing about this email that I have to compliment Patrick on is there is absolutely no request for money.

Not this time, but last week I got a couple of emails from him that I particularly enjoyed and I’m passing the offers along. (Don’t say I never did anything for you, Dan).

Patrick’s selling this hat saying:

“Dan Patrick continues to stand up for Conservative Texas Values and special interest groups outside of Texas are not happy.

“The liberal mainstream media has labeled Dan Patrick Public Enemy #1.

“Show them that you STAND by people that STAND UP FOR YOU! Get this awesome camo hat today.”

Well, Dan, we don’t think of you as being important enough to be Public Enemy #1. The hat is free with a contribution of $30 or more. Get your hat here.

This offer I liked even more:


“I wanted to thank you for the support you have already shown my campaign. I am thrilled to have you as a member of my team, Patrick’s Patriots. Your knowledge and passion for the conservative cause will be key to the success of my campaign and the future of our great state.

“As a thank you, I wanted to give you the exclusive opportunity to be the first of your friends with our new Lapel Pin. For a monthly donation of $10, we will send you this exclusive pin.

“Let everyone know where you stand – God, Country and Texas.”

Purchase your pin here. As someone who has already shown Patrick’s campaign support, I’d get one but it only comes in the cross version. None with a star or a crescent. Guess I’ll have to settle for the camo hat.