ThumbnailIn early October, San Diego’s Gay & Lesbian Times — a magazine that had been in publication for over twenty years — ceased publishing. Sadly, we know this is the fate of many LGBT publications of late as it’s a tough market out there for LGBT Media.

With Gay & Lesbian Times demise, so went my irregular column Transgressive. Finally when I could say I was a real writer — writing articles printed on ink and paper instead of web only blog diaries — my career in publishing came to an end.

Well, there’s now a new LGBT magazine in San Diego — the LGBT Weekly. It’s website isn’t up as yet, but will be soon.

Thumbnail Link: LGBT Weekly Premiere Issue's Article By Autumn Sandeen - Bullying, Suicides, And Purple - Including Those In The Silent T'So now I have a new gig writing under the column name of Trans Progressive. It’s not as cool a name as Transgressive was, in my humble opinion, but I’ve lost the ability to use that column name — at least for awhile. My first contributed an article to the LGBT Weekly was entitled Bullying, Suicides, And Purple – Including Those In The ‘Silent T’, and I scanned in the article for y’all — if you’re interested in looking at the piece. If I post any more articles from LGBT Weekly, it’ll be from the publication’s website, and not from a scanned in PDF.

One plus of writing for this new publication is I have the joy of writing for a magazine is that in its title, the publication acknowledges that transgender is a subcommunity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to write for a publication that acknowledges the T in its title — it feels like home.

The publisher for the LGBT Weekly is Stampp Corbin, and the editor-in-chief is Christina MacNeal. I’m pleased as all get out to be part of their team.
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