Chris Watts of Petropolitan

Everyone in the Metroplex knows that Chris Watts at Petropolitan is the go-to go for all things pet-related in North Texas. Turns out, folks outside this area know that too!

Chris called us Thursday afternoon and asked us to help spread the word that Blast! Films, a British television production company, is looking for a same-sex couple in the Dallas-Fort Worth area planning to add a new puppy to their family in the next couple of months, who would be willing to let the production company follow the process of acquiring the new pup, introducing it to the family, etc.

The footage would be included in “a brand new series for a major cable company, which is all about puppies and puppy owners,” the Blast! representative told Chris.

“The series we are producing follows families, couples and singles from around the U.S. who are about to become owners of puppies. It’s a light-hearted and entertaining look at some of the challenges and triumphs involved when training a puppy, whilst providing touching insights into the lives of the families [and] couples who will be embarking on such a memorable journey,” Blast! researcher Oscar Gregg told Chris. “For both new owner and puppy, it will be a journey of discovery, discipline, patience and love — a seismic shift in the family dynamic.”

Gregg said that the film crew will follow six puppy owners for 12 weeks, starting in February/March and filming through to May. The crew will spend a couple of days a week with each family in their home, tracking the progress of both owners and puppies over the first three months. The idea, Gregg said, is to “showcase to America the rewarding and touching relationships inhabited by dogs and their owners.”

Blast! is looking to show the wide-ranging diversity in dog breeds, of course. But the company also wants to show the vast diversity of “cultures, identities and geographies in America,” Gregg said, adding that the company is “very keen to feature an LGBT couple in our series.”

To participate, families/couples would have to be getting their puppy, aged 8-10 weeks, between February and mid March, and willing to be filmed a couple of days a week for about 12 weeks after. “Ideally they would be first-time dog owners — but we’re not ruling anyone out at this point,” Gregg said.

Anybody who is interested could contact Chris at 214-741-4100 or by email at Or contact Blast! directly by email at or on Facebook.