Last night, filmmakers Brett Ratner (director, Rush Hour), Bob Balaban (actor, Gosford Park) and Peter Guber (producer, Rain Man) discussed the creative process (also the name of the event) while CNN’s Campbell Brown moderated the panel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get there but colleague Chance Browning made it to the latest installment of the Brinker International Forum’s speaker series. He snagged a quick video as they talked up the Oscars . You may have to turn up the volume. You can read his take after the jump.

Being a huge fan of CNN’s Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull, when the host herself, came to town as part of the Brinker Series, I knew I had to be there front and center. Also, when I discovered that the topic, The Creative Process, applied to film making, I was more jazzed!

I’m a self-proclaimed CNN junkie and I love my political divas (pundits, hosts and actual politicians)  as I do, seeing Brown work her magic up close was an absolute thrill. Though she wasn’t grilling a philandering politician, her signature look and vocal qualities delivered like Domino’s! And she was rocking some super fierce Nancy Sinatra-esque suede boots.

The three film industry insiders provided insight from across the spectrum of film making, from acting bit parts in indie films to producing multimillion dollar blockbuster films. The discussion was preceded by a 15-minute film highlighting each of their careers. What I found most interesting was how each person meshed the creative with the pragmatic side of making a film. Though I wish the conversation would have been longer (and hour at most) and more specific, it was fascinating to see these Hollywood players have a no pretense conversation, and tell us some of the inside stories about the makings of all of the films we know and love. — C.B.

Thanks, Chance!
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