The Collin County MoveOn Council is holding a “Cost of Delay” candlelight vigil tomorrow night (Tuesday, Dec. 8), from 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, 6200 West Parker Road in Plano (at Midway), to protest the continuing delays in passage of healthcare reform measures.

An e-mail detailing the event included this statement: “We cannot afford to wait.  While the U.S. Senate dithers on passing important Healthcare Reform legislation numerous friends, relatives and neighbors continue to live in fear of financial ruin, because of inadequate healthcare coverage.  We call upon the Senate to finish its work so that the pain being inflicted on North Texans can come to an end.”

The press release also stressed that the vigil is not in any way intended to imply any problems with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital: “TO BE VERY CLEAR: This vigil is being held at the site of one of Plano’s highest regarded healthcare centers. This is to demonstrate that thousands of North Texans are unable to avail themselves of the excellent medical care provided by the caring people who work and perform their duties within this center. It should be in no manner construed that this vigil in any way is a demonstration against or is in any way a criticism of this fine healthcare center.  The council considers this institution to be an excellent example of the finest of healthcare that can be provided in North Texas.”siteраскрутка сайтов оплата по факту