Sarabeth Yeli Marshall

Sarabeth Yeli Marshall, artisan chocolatier extraordinaire

OK, so it’s only two days til Valentine’s Day, and there is probably a large number of you frantically trying to find just the right gift for your loved one. Let me make a suggestion: Chocolates.

And no, I don’t mean run down to your neighborhood grocery and grab a heart-shaped box of blah chocolate. Don’t even settle for the “high-end,” more expensive chocolates there. I am talking about “flavor-infused truffles and candies” hand made by an artisan chocolatier, and I can tell you just where to go get exactly that.

Sarahbeth “Yeli” Marshall is a registered dietician by trade who for years made chocolates as a kind of side business or hobby. A year or so ago she decided it was time to follow her dream and make chocolates full time. And now Yelibelly Chocolates shares a storefront with Delicious Cakes at 2634 Northwest Parkway in Southlake. (By the way, the Belly part of the name comes from the fact that Yeli also happens to be one of the best belly dancers in North Texas.)

Yes, I know, for you Dallas folks (and some of you Fort Worth folks), Southlake is WWWWAAAAAAYYYYY too far to drive for some chocolate. But once you have a taste of some Yelibelly goodies, you won’t think that anymore. Trust me on this one. Plus, you can have chocolates delivered (although it is too late for Valentine’s Day delivery by now),and Yelibelly frequently does “pop-stores” and events around the Metroplex. Keep an eye on her Facebook page or the Yelibelly website for details.

And, with full marriage equality expected any day now here in Texas, all you couples planning your weddings need to keep Yeli in mind, too. She can do custom orders with special designs on her delicious chocolates, too. (And it’s not just for weddings, y’all. If you need a special treat for a client or an upcoming event, think Yelibelly.)

Just a note here for “full disclosure,” as we journalists say: Yes, Yeli is a friend of mine. But I’m not just saying all this because of that. I’m telling you about her and her chocolate because it truly is some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted, and I know that if you try it, you won’t be disappointed.


Yelibelly Chocolates not only taste delicious, they look delicious. And if you need something customized — like maybe some chocolate-topped cupcakes for your wedding — Yeli can do that, too.