RCD Vandalism

Windows broken at RCD in May

Vandals threw a brick through a fence at Resource Center Dallas and damaged the hood of a car as well as part of the wooden fence, according to a police report. The car was parked in the fenced lot behind the facility on Reagan Street and the brick was thrown from the alley. The incident took place on Aug. 19.

This is the fourth time the center was hit with vandalism this year, but with no suspects, it’s unclear whether the incidents have been motivated by anti-gay bias. The other incidents involved windows that were broken with rocks thrown from the alley.

After the third incident, Texas Instruments Foundation gave Resource Center Dallas $1,000 to repair the windows and install security cameras.

RCD’s Johnny Humphrey, whose car was damaged in the latest incident, said he isn’t sure whether any of the cameras were pointed far enough down the alley to catch the brick-thrower in the act.

Other incidents of rock throwing have taken place in Oak Lawn, but other properties have not been hit repeatedly.