John Carona

The Texas Tribune is the latest to weigh in on Republican State Sen. John Carona’s remarks to Dallas Voice in support of pro-equality legislation, with the video report below by Alana Rocha.

The Tribune focuses on Carona’s comments about marriage and compares them to its poll released yesterday showing that nearly 70 percent of Texans share Carona’s position — supporting some form of legal partnerships for same-sex couples, whether it be civil unions or marriage.

But Carona still isn’t talking, not to us, not to the Dallas Observer and not to the Tribune, about his comments last Monday (and strangely the Dallas Morning News has remained on the sidelines). But the fact is, despite all the reports saying he has, we still don’t truly know whether Carona is backtracking on his comments. All we have is hearsay from the Texas Pastor Council’s Dave Welch — not the most reliable source — but by remaining silent Carona is choosing to allow Welch to speak for him.

So here’s our advice to you, senator: Grow a pair and own your comments that we got on tape, then tell the Pastor Council to take a flying fuck. You told me you were concerned about representing constituents in your conservative district, and you questioned my statement that poll numbers show a majority of Texans support equality. Well, the latest poll shows that 70 percent back relationship recognition for same-sex couples, which based on several previous polls includes a majority of Republicans. These numbers can only be higher in your urban Dallas district than they are statewide. You also told me you were an independent voice who wasn’t afraid to buck the Republican Party line. Now stop kissing Welch’s ass and prove it!

Watch the Tribune’s video report below.