George Carrancho, left, and fiancee Sean Franklin

Once and future Texans George Carrancho and Sean Franklin are headed to Washington, D.C., where they will be tying the knot in a very public way: Activist and TV star Ross Mathews will preside over the couple’s ceremony, which will be held atop the Marriott International float during the D.C. Pride parade on Saturday, June 13.

Carrancho and Franklin, a couple for nearly 10 years, previously lived in North Texas. Carrancho was transferred by his then-employer, American Airlines, and the two now live in New York City. Carrancho and Franklin got engaged while participating in the Manchester, England, Pride parade in 2012, and have been planning for their wedding, waiting til they could arrange to have their families present, according to an interview with Out.

Marriott International is not just putting the two men atop a D.C. Pride parade float to be joined in matrimony by Mathews, the company is also bringing their families to D.C. for the event. The couple hope to get back to their roots in the Lone Star State sometime soon to celebrate their marriage with a reception, and they hope that by the time that happens, the U.S. Supreme Court will have ruled in favor of marriage equality.

In a statement released by Marriott, Carrancho and Franklin said: ““The love that will be in the nation’s capital during Pride will be a testament to the historic change in the nation. Although we reside in New York, we continue to wait to be married in our home state of Texas. We’re overwhelmed that we have been chosen by Marriott to celebrate our union with thousands more along the parade route, and we are thrilled to travel to D.C. for this monumental moment.”

Marriott International is the official sponsor of the Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, and the Carrancho/Franklin wedding is part of the company’s ongoing #LoveTravels, which is intended to “share inspiring stories of notable and every day travelers. #LoveTravels not only encourages travelers to explore their personal passions, but celebrates their unique stories.”

Mathews said he is proud to participate in the #LoveTravels campaign, adding, “This is such a special time for equal rights and there is no better way to celebrate, than by officiating this beautiful couple, in one of the biggest Pride parades in the country.”

Stacey Milne, vice president of portfolio marketing strategy and planning with Marriott International, said: “Capital Pride welcomes thousands of visitors each year in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and allies. With our dedication to Pride and this year’s amazing parade, we can’t think of a better way to express how #LoveTravels than through the wedding vows of honored guests like George and Sean. Many couples like George and Sean still cannot be married in states they call home; however, we can all celebrate their marriage here in our nation’s capital as the nation awaits the historic Supreme Court decision. This unique occasion allows us to make their ceremony poignant and meaningful for all Americans and all our visitors.”