Reports out this week indicate that a record low number of people are getting married. Only about 51 percent of U.S. adults are married — a new low.

Of course “traditional” marriage advocates would blame the gays for destroying marriage as it has been known since Biblical times. But maybe straight people are destroying marriage all by themselves.

Take the case of Bill Johnson. He ran for governor of Alabama in 2010 on a platform opposing same-sex marriage. Yes, Johnson was very worried that his progressive state was going to be among the first to offer marriage equality. Johnson is married and his wife had three children through a previous marriage. She apparently likes marriage so much that she’s done it multiple times. But she had a hysterectomy and according to a report in the New York Daily News, he knew she would want him to help others have children. So over the past year, he’s been a sperm donor to at least nine lesbian couples.

Oh, and he forgot to tell her. And she found out. And she’s pissed. So pissed it might just ruin their traditional marriage — between one man, one woman and nine lesbian couples.

Yep. Just another case of how the gays are destroying traditional marriage as it’s existed since Biblical times.