For all those who missed the eclipse, Dallas Voice Senior News Writer David Taffet and I ventured out onto the roof of our parking garage right about 12:45 p.m. and risked life, limb and eyesight to get photos for you.

I tried the “selfie-mode-sun-over-my-shoulder” eclipse photo:

I find it interesting that you can a vaguely crescent-shaped glare mark near the shirt button, as if in the glare you can see the actual shape of the moon intruding on the shape of the sun.

Then I got out my good camera and took this (and no, I did not look into the sun to take the photo):

Again, without the appropriate filter, all the photo shows is the blinding white glare of the corona, and again, there is a reflected glare mark that seems to have that vaguely crescent shape.

And then, I started playing with the photo in PhotoShop and, using a filter appropriately named the “solarization” filter, I came with these interesting (I think) variations.