Can ‘Will & Grace’ save America?

Hello, world. How tha hell are ya?

Can we please talk about the reboot of Will & Grace? The older series was always funny and heartfelt, but something about these new episodes fills me with such joy. We all have friends that remind us of each character, but I think it is something deeper. The new show has come at a time when I think we needed something to bring us all together.

Since the election, I have started to feel like a second-class citizen again; maybe you’re the same. I might be a little dramatic — actually, I know I am being dramatic — but every day we see more and more stories of how our rights as gay people are being messed with. This regime has pushed society back about 50 years.

Maybe that’s why W&G feels so special to me right now. Sure, it is over-the-top and wonderfully ridiculous, but it feels fresh and so on-point with how I feel right now. My little gay self was so separated from the rest of the world, and this show feels like a tether that keeps me from feeling like I am floating away into oblivion.

Being around family, I finally feel like I have something to talk about. My mom and I had a great discussion about the show that went close to talking about politics, otherwise the one subject that is forbidden with my family. You can only beat that dead horse so many times before you just wear yourself out emotionally. Anyhoo, I’m glad Will & Grace is back on. Maybe America will start liking the gays again. Dramatic I know… but I am a drag queen.

And now a word from our sponsor… just kidding, let’s help some of my people.

Dear Cassie, I am lost and really need some advice. I met my husband in 2010, and we married in 2013. He has three wonderful kids from his previous marriage that we absolutely love and can’t imagine being separated from. I am actually a stay-at-home dad now and take care of the kids full time. Our relationship has had its up and downs, but the main problem is sex. Everything else has been golden until recently, but we tried things to spice up our sex life that, Lawd have mercy, would make you blush. The point is that I am trying everything to keep him happy.

I found out three weeks ago that he cheated on me. While I was at home with the kids, one of whom was very sick with a fever, he had his dick in some guy he works with. I feel broken and scared. I don’t want to lose my family. He is my best friend, and I do not want to live without him. I feel like I can’t do it anymore, but I also feel I cannot leave. Financially, I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. I got him to agree to go to see a marriage counselor with me. I just feel I am not what he wants anymore. I don’t know what to do. I am terrified to rebuild a life without him and the kids. I really do love and need to be with the kids. Even if I do leave, I feel I will always need him in my life. I don’t know what to do. Help! (P.S. This took me an hour to write and an entire bottle of wine. I hope it makes sense. I am terrified to even send this but fuck it.) Thank you, signed, No Name for Obvious Reasons.

Dear N.N.F.O.R., Dude, this sucks so much. I am sorry you are going through this. I honestly am not sure what advice to give you. Part of me wants to say leave that motherfucker and never look back. Part of me wants to say go fuck every one of his friends, his brothers and his dad. Replace his jock itch cream with Icy Hot. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-punch him in the chest and rip out his still-beating heart the way he ripped out yours. Kali Maaa!! But realistically, you have more than yourself to think about. Your poor kids. It sounds like they have been through some shit as well.

Does your love outweigh the hurt he has put on you? Did he at least apologize and say it will never happen again? Would you believe him if he did say that? I think that fighting for your relationship and your family is the right choice, and you are doing the right thing by seeing a counselor. I hope it helps. But it will only help if you can get past him cheating. A seed of resentment has been planted — will you allow it to grow and fester?

Does he want to save your relationship, or is he looking for an easy out? If you are not what he wants, then will this behavior happen again? I am so angry at this guy for you. I know so many people that would do anything for a family like yours, and for him to risk it all for a piece of office ass infuriates me.

I wish I was some all-seeing eye that could tell you the right thing to do but I am not. All I can do is tell you to fight for your family if it feels right. If you have doubts, then they are there for a reason, and it might be time for you to form an exit strategy. You have a hard road ahead, but be strong. He needs to make things better and fight for what he wants as well. The hard part is realizing that what he wants might be just a babysitter. Good luck, Cassie.

Dear Cassie, If karma is a scale, what are some things that you have done, good or bad, that tip the scale one way or the other? Would your lifetime scale lean more good or evil? Thanks, signed, The Instigator!

Dearest Instigator, You have written me a few times with these random questions that ask me about my character. What are you getting at? Did I do something to you and you want me to admit it? Just tell me, and I will see if you were important enough to remember.

OK, so you want me to admit to some good and/or evil stuff I have done. Good: I try to help others whenever I can. I do benefits to help my community all the time. I rescue and help as many animals as I can. I smile and nod at people even when I am not listening. Oh wait—is that still good?

On the evil side, I once took a travel-size bottle of Selsun Blue shampoo and replaced the shampoo with Nair and blue food coloring and put it in the mailbox of my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. He had hurt my friend mentally and physically, so I targeted the one thing I knew that jerk loved—his hair. I once squirted Super Glue into the keyhole of a hot neighbor’s apartment door in hopes that he would come talk to me. It worked, but he turned out to be a douchbag (says the douchbag that just ruined a guy’s lock hoping to get laid). Now that I think about it, I need to do more good to balance some shit out.

Remember to always love more, bitch less and be fabulous! XOXO, Cassie Nova.

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