As lesbians and gays in Dallas prepare for a protest outside First Baptist Church of Dallas on Sunday and thousands take to the street in California to protest the passage of Proposition 8, somebody has launched an attack on Web sites for at least two North Texas LGBT organizations.

As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the Web sites for Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas ( and the DFW Black Tie dinner ( showed on a message from the hackers while religious music played in the background. I was initially told the sites were playing “Christian” music, but when I first logged on, the song that was playing called on everyone to “give thanks to Allah.”

In place of the usual sites for MCC and Black Tie, the sites display only a white background with the words, in red, “Hacked By Cat [Persian],” with the word “Persian” in a teal blue color.

That is followed by a black and white drawing of a fedora hat, “CAT” in a red font designed to look like dripping blood and, in black the words “Cyber Attack Team.”

Then, in the teal colored type, is this message:

[+] Www.P-Cat.Ir

[+] This Site Hacked By Cyber Attackers Team

[+] Now We Are Ready To War….

[+] We Can Do Any Thing With Your Cyber…..

[+] If Your Goverment Do Any Thing Against Our Country , We Change Your Cyber By Hell……

[+] Cat.Center@Yahoo.Com.”

If you go to the URL included in the message, you find the same fedora hat logo with the bloody CAT, followed by “Persian-Cyber Attackers Team, Official Site.”

From the looks of the hacked sites and CAT’s “official” site, they may be good at hacking in, but they don’t appear to be too creative in terms of design. It also appears that the hackers are Iranian, since that country is what used to be Persia, or that the hackers want people to think they are Iranian.

I have a call in right now to MCC, and when I hear back from them or Black Tie, I will post rpg mobile gameseo раскрутка сайта бесплатно