Google’s “doodles,” the elaborate variations on the ubiquitous search engine’s logo that appear on for special occasions, keep getting more and more elaborate, and today’s Valentine doodle is no exception. The video, set to Tony Bennett’s “Cold, Cold Heart” depicts the efforts of a little boy to gain a girl’s affection by showering her with gifts, only to learn that taking an interest in her hobby is the real secret to winning her love. The video ends with a montage of couples.

Although I'm not sure how I feel having my relationship compared to women loving frogs and alien/astronaut love. It's a little too "Republican presidential candidate," if you know what I mean.

On the center column, bottom row of the collage are what clearly seem to be two men in tuxedos, standing before a group of people, could this be a wedding of the same-sex variety? I think so! Kudos to Google (which has a 100% score on HRC’ Corporate Equality Index) for this small nod to Equality.

After the jump, watch the full doodle.