William Waybourn

Pioneering gay Dallas activist William Waybourn and his partner, Craig Spalding, have opened a new bed and breakfast in Flint Hill, Va., Waybourn reports in an email. Waybourn and Spalding, of course, were among the original owners of Crossroads Market, which served as Dallas’ gay community center after it opened in 1980. The couple moved to Washington, D.C., in the 1990s after Waybourn founded the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. From Waybourn:

Earlier this year, Craig and I bought and started renovation on a 106-year old school house located on five acres in the Village of Flint Hill, VA, about 85 miles west of DC. The renovation was wall-to-wall, but now the work on the Flint Hill Public House & Country Inn is complete and it will open for regular business Tuesday, January 17th, serving lunch and dinner every day, along with brunch on weekends.

The new kitchen and chef Marvin Swaner are all fired up and the beds in the four spacious suites upstairs are ready for occupancy. The boss, John Gruber, has spent the past week training the new staff and acclimating them to their duties. I am pleased that we were able to put more than three dozen individuals to work to help make experiences at our new place fun and exciting.

I’ll have some new pictures of the completed work designed by architect and designer Ernesto Santalla posted soon, but if you come out west to hike, shoot the rapids, sample at the wineries, visit Sperryville or Little Washington, then stop by for a personal tour and see it for yourself. Just tell them at the front desk that I sent you.

In the interim, you can see some old photos on Facebook.

The number for reservations is 540-675-1700.