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20 years of ‘Jocks’

Gays in sports approach a milestone… and so much has changes Eric “Gumby” Anderson was a high school cross-country coach. Near the end of school, one of his runners was beaten by three classmates — one of them a football player....

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Orwell and good

Local author’s dystopian political novella will ring with familiarity It has been nearly 70 years...

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Dammit, Janet!

Mock’s new memoir is only for her fans Surpassing Certainty by Janet Mock (Atria 2017) $24.99; 228...

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Queen for a gay

Bio of Freddie Mercury also ends up a history of HIV Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy...

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Bound by Love

2 recent books — one a novel, one a memoir — explore the boundaries of a family This Is How It...

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Tweens these days

From diverse families to trans teens, it’s hit-or-miss time in children’s lit The Lotterys Plus...

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