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Trans teen killed by mob in Jamaica

Dwayne Jones, 16, confided in a  friend he was attending a party as a girl for the 1st time DAVID McFADDEN  |  Associated Press MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — Dwayne Jones was relentlessly teased in high school for being effeminate...

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Pope lashes out in face of marriage gains

Benedict XVI uses one of his most important speeches of the year — the Christmas address — to push so-called traditional family values NICOLE WINFIELD  |  Associated Press VATICAN CITY — The pope pressed his opposition to gay...

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Bolivian department considers marriage equality

Marco Carrillo While several countries in South America have already embraced marriage equality, Bolivia may be following the U.S. piecemeal model. Legislation has been proposed in one departmental (state) legislature to...

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Ugandan lawmakers hold hearings on anti-gay bill

Supporter says death penalty provision is ‘something we have moved away from,’ but measure expected to pass if it’s voted on this week GODFREY OLUKYA | Associated Press KAMPALA, Uganda — A Ugandan parliament...

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