Cathedral of Hope has recorded its services for the past 20 years and is upgrading its equipment for the first time.

“For the past two years during Lent, we’ve asked for money for the media upgrade,” said Phoebe Sexton, the church’s director of communication.

They’ve collected enough to pay off the first phase of the upgrade that included a new control room and monitors.

“No more masking tape holding things together,” Sexton said.

She said that an anonymous donor is helping CoH secure the rest of the equipment at half price. That includes new high-definition cameras and an archiving system. The church is running out of room to hold physical tapes and many of those tapes are at the end of their shelf life.

“We have one shot to digitize them,” Sexton said.

She said that Cathedral of Hope has one of the largest archives of liberal Christian worship and other events held at the church collected over the past two decades. Services from the church can be seen online and on cable access around the country. The Internet broadcast is watched by thousands of people in about 80 countries.

The video below is about how the Cathedral has used the video ministry to reach people around the world and attracted people to the church.