Minnesota's Roman Catholic Bishops are gearing up for a fight to pass a Consitutional Amendment in Minnesota barring same-sex marriage, out of fear that a pro-marriage governor might be elected shortly

Candidates Tom Horner and Mark Layton support equality, while Republican candidate Tom Emmer opposes it.

Some of Minnesota’s Catholic bishops are preparing a push against the legalization of same-sex marriage in the final two months of the 2010 campaign season. So far, most Minnesota bishops are not making their plans public, but Bishop John Quinn of the Winona Diocese gave parishioners a glimpse in a recent newsletter . “The bishops of Minnesota are alarmed by the continuing attacks on the institution of marriage, and we are taking action,” he wrote.

They have brought in Maggie Gallagher to consult

One diocese has prepared a DVD on the Church's teaching on marriage “and the effects that a same-sex marriage policy would have in our state,” said Bishop Quinn.

I suppose that the effect that he is referring to is making the Church's opposition look like the last gasp of the Flat Earthers or the Inquisition team that tried Galileo?

Traditional marriage is suffering attacks, he (Quinn)wrote, and “the most threatening now are efforts to legalize ‘same sex’ or ‘gay’ marriage, that is, marriage between two men or between two women.”

And here I alwaya thought that secular divorce was the greatest threat to marriage—foolish me.

Well, prepare for an onslaught of lies from the pens of the usual suspects, Cameron, Satinover, Fitzgibbons et al and a predictable rise in crimes against LGBT's over the next few months as the Roman Catholic Church pours the inflammable accelerant of undiluted falsehood, fear and hatred for us onto the fire of disturbed or religiously obsessed minds.

Eric Rudolf, anyone?

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