Catholic Charities

This is the first high-profile instance of heterosexuals losing their special rights.

A group of straight people can now experience and report on the hardships they endure when their families are not recognized. Interesting that it’s Catholic Charities not recognizing those families, some that were blessed in the Catholic Church itself.

To come into compliance with the District of Columbia’s new marriage equality law, Catholic Charities has dropped spousal benefits for all of its employees. Catholic Charities provides $22 million in services to the capital city that are paid for with public money.

The change affects 10 percent of their 850 employees who currently have a spouse receiving benefits. By dropping these 85 employees’ opposite-sex husbands and wives, they will not have to cover the spouses of their gay and lesbian employees, should those employees decide to marry.

In  San Francisco, which has strict partnership ordinances, Mayor Gavin Newsome convinced Catholic Charities to cover anyone in an employee’s household.go-link.orgрасчет поисковое продвижение сайта