Just weeks after Catholic Charities in Washington, D.C., stopped offering benefits to the spouses of its employees to avoid possibly having to offer domestic partner benefits to employees in same-sex relationships (a decision that came in the wake of D.C. legalizing same-sex marriage, a move which the Catholic Church fought tooth and nail), and Catholic school in Boulder, Colo., is refusing to admit a preschooler who has lesbian parents.

About two dozen people gathered outside the church that runs Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School on Sunday, March 7, to protest the decision, according to ABC Channel 7 News in Denver.

Although church officials declined to comment, officials with the Denver Archdiocese issued this statement: “To preserve the mission of our schools, and to respect the faith of wider Catholic community, we expect all families who enroll students to live in accord with Catholic teaching. Parents living in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of faith and morals unfortunately choose by their actions to disqualify their children from enrollment.”обслуживание интернет сайтапродвижение сайта омск