Resource Center CEO Cece Cox

Cece Cox was one of just a few LGBT community members to make D magazine’s Dallas 500 list of the most influential leaders in North Texas.

Cox is CEO of Resource Center. Among her accomplishments this year is the culmination of an $8.7 million capital campaign (there’s still about $250,000 to go) used to open the new LGBT community center on Cedar Springs Road in May and the complete renovation of the health campus on Reagan Street.

Of course, Cox deserves to be listed, but what makes her inclusion even more impressive is how few community members made the list. David Griffin is included under real estate executives and Stephen Pyles under chefs and restaurateurs.

Nancy Lieberman, who is an assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings and played for the Dallas Diamonds in the early 1980s, is listed for Nancy Lieberman Charities, which is based in Plano.

Under arts? None. Civic organizations? None.

And here’s an odd one — not community-related, just odd. Under living legends: George W. Bush. Of course he belongs on the list. But he’s listed as co-founder of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Wasn’t he, um, president or something? And Laura Bush. She lives here, right? Not on the list. Eh. What’s she ever done, right?