When I was over on the strip for lunch Friday, I noticed what appeared to be the “signal construction department” working on the city of Dallas maintenance nightmare that is the Cedar Springs Road crosswalk. And today I put a call in to Alex Wong, the city’s program manager for traffic field operations, who assured me that I wasn’t dreaming.

Back in July, Wong told us the crosswalk would be fixed in October, so Friday’s repairs were right on schedule. And today Wong said the crosswalk is now functioning again — mostly.

The crew was able to replace about 15 of the 20 pavement-level lights that make up the crosswalk, Wong says. However, due to a bad tube of “settling compound” — which is used to attach the lights to the concrete — they weren’t able to replace the other five.

Wong said he’s ordered more settling compound but is unsure when it will arrive.

“Whenever it comes in, we’ll get out and work on it again,” he said.

Let’s just hope the other lights haven’t gone out by then.