The Cedar Springs strip gets a big mention in this New York Times travel piece titled, “36 Hours in Dallas.” The article, which was posted on the Times’ Web site Friday and will appear in the print edition Sunday, is being slammed locally for its inaccuracies and condescending tone. But David Flick of The Dallas Morning News argues that in the case of Cedar Springs, the article is actually overly kind. The Times article states that the Cedar Springs strip is infused with “a new energy,” but Flick writes that in fact the area is “struggling.” Perhaps what Flick should have pointed out is that the NYT article says J.R.’s Bar & Grill has “a scuffed dance floor,” while in fact the club has no dance floor at all (which one might expect Flick to know given that he’s gay). In any case, I’m sure business owners on Cedar Springs will be pleased with the NYT article. Here’s what it says:


Once a ramshackle district, the historic Cedar Springs neighborhood has a new energy, with gay-friendly discos, curio shops, burger bars, boutiques and galleries. To mingle with the neighborhood’s varied stripes, bop over to J. R.’s Bar & Grill (3923 Cedar Springs Road; 214-528-1004;, a cavernous club with brick walls, a tin-ceiling and a scuffed dance floor that draws gays, straights, middle-aged couples, midnight cowboys, frat boys and Amy Winehouse lookalikes. Nothing gets going before midnight, when the pub crawlers and night lizards come out to play.как привлечь посетителей